Seminars presented in 2015

March 2015: The Taxation of Trusts—the law & the return
Handouts: The Taxation of Trusts (two volumes). Tax Case Law on Trusts—chronological database.

May 2015: Specimen Letters to SARS—under the Tax Administration Act, plus all the penalties under all the tax Acts
Handouts: Specimen Letters to SARS (two volumes). Dispute Resolution—law & regulations. Tax Administration Act. Dispute Resolution—Gazette notices.

July/August 2015: SA Withholding Taxes—a seminar
Handout: SA Withholding Taxes (two volumes).

September/October 2015: Vat Basics—for sole traders, office workers & audit clerks
Handout: Vat Basics (two volumes).

November 2015: The Taxation of Dividends—the whole enchilada
Handout: The Taxation of Dividends (two volumes).