Seminars presented in 2014

March 2014: Specimen Letters to SARS—under the Tax Administration Act
Handouts: Specimen Letters to SARS.  Tax Administration Act.

May 2014: Crash Course: The Administration of Estates Act
Handouts: Commentary on the Administration of Estates Act (two volumes). The Administration of Estates Act—case law (two volumes). The Administration of Estates Act.

July 2014: Vat: Imports & Exports—the law, regulations & SARS practice
Handouts: Vat: Imports & Exports (two volumes). The Value-Added Tax Act.

August/September 2014: Dispute-resolution: Law & Regulations—the law, the ‘rules’ & related ‘Specimen Letters’
Handouts: Dispute-resolution—law & regulations (two volumes). The Tax Administration Act.

October 2014: SA Taxation of Foreign Income—for companies & individuals
Handout: SA Taxation of Foreign Income (two volumes).

November 2014: Reflections on a Specimen Trust Deed
Handouts: Reflections on a Specimen Trust Deed (three volumes). MS Word versions. SA Common Law on Trusts—chronological database. SA Common Law on Trusts—2014 additions to database. The Trust Property Control Act.