Seminars presented in 2017

February/March 2017: The Taxation of Trusts – including the new loan-funding rule
Handout: ‘The Taxation of Trusts’ (three volumes).

May 2017: Specimen Letters to SARS – actual letters you can adapt and use
Handouts: ‘Specimen Letters to SARS’ (three volumes). ‘The Tax Administration Act’. ‘Dispute Resolution – Gazette Notices’.

July 2017: Reflections on a Specimen Trust Deed – a perfectly drafted deed, with commentary on every relevant statutory provisions and every decided case
Handouts: ‘Reflections on a Specimen Trust Deed’ (three volumes). Two specimen deeds in MS Word format. ‘The SA Common Law on Trusts – A Chronological Database’. ‘The Trust property Control Act’.

September 2017: Fixed Property (Law) & (All) the Tax Acts – all the principles, all the timing and valuation rules, all the liabilities and reliefs
Handouts: ‘Fixed Property (Law) & (All) the Tax Acts’ (three volumes). ‘The Estate Duty Act’. ‘The Transfer Duty Act’. ‘The Value-Added Tax Act’

October 2017: Wills, Administration & the Tax Acts – advising your clients on their wills is a good time to advise them as well on tax (all the taxes)
Handouts: ‘Wills, Administration & the Tax Act’ (three volumes). ‘Deceased Estates – Old & New Tax’. ‘The Administration of Estates Act’. ‘The Estate Duty Act’.

November 2017: The Taxation of Dividends – the whole enchilada
Handouts: ‘The Taxation of Dividends’ (two volumes). ‘The History of a “Dividend”‘. ‘The Dividends Tax – A Legislative History’. ‘The Rise & Fall of the STC’.