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The Taxation of Trusts

Focussing on the practical issues facing those
unfortunate enough to have to do professional work for an SA trust.

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‘The Taxation of Trusts’ 2020 edition (nb2006)
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The Taxation of Trusts
2020 edition. Currently in production. Delivered by email as PDF file.
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All the statute law on the taxation of trusts,
their founders, planners and beneficiaries.

In the Bsp Seminars® ‘Book’ format.

(Subject to change without notice.)

Chapter 1 – The trustees’ duties
The status and capacity of trustees
The tax professional as agent
Introduction to the Tax Administration Act
Representative taxpayers
Introduction to the Income Tax Act
Introduction to the Value-Added Tax Act

Chapter 2 – What is a trust?
Common-law and statutory trusts
Patrimonial issues
Validity of a trust
Types of common-law trusts

Chapter 3 – The trust as taxpayer
What is a fiscal ‘trust’?
Fiscal trustees and beneficiaries
Imposition of the normal tax
Years of assessment for trusts
Tax base for the normal tax
The capital gains tax
Final word on the tax base
The Republic
Recapping ‘taxable income’
An anomalous system
Special ‘Schedule’ rates for trusts

Chapter 4 – Primary attribution
The inter-spousal rules
The redundant accrual rule
Acts of liberality
Capital gains tax attribution
Capping: income tax and the CGT
Attribution and recovery of tax
Attribution and returns

Chapter 5 – Secondary attribution
Income tax
Capital gains tax

Chapter 6 – Normal tax issues
How do distributions affect liability?
When is a trust a trader and when an investor?
Connected persons of a trust
Special CGT provisions affecting trusts

Chapter 7 – Other taxes
Under the Income Tax Act: general
Under the Income Tax Act: PAYE
Under the Income Tax Act: fringe benefits tax
Under the Income Tax Act: provisional tax
Estate duty
Transfer duty
Value-added tax

Chapter 8 – Offshore trusts
Income tax rules
Capital gains tax rules
Responding to the rules

Chapter 9 – Trust finance
Taxability and deductibility of interest
Loans as an act of liberality
Loan finance in trust structures

Chapter 10 – Special normal tax trusts
Disability special trusts
Youth special trusts
Special trusts: privileges
Personal service providers: definition
Personal service providers: sanctions
Closure rehabilitation trusts

Chapter 11 – The trust return
A clever document, probably underexploited

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