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Specimen Letters to SARS

Actual letters you can adapt and use under the Tax Administration Act.

How to protect your clients’ rights by responding to and interacting with SARS in a professional manner, backed by the full force of the law.

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an annotated copy of the handout shared with attendees.
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The handout (PDF file):
Specimen Letters to SARS

2020 edition. 892 pages in four volumes.

201 specimen letters. 144 letter-elements.
Delivered by email as PDF file.
R1,750, inclusive of Vat at 15%.
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In the Bsp Seminars® ‘Book’ format.



Chapter 1 – Introduction
The field of conflict
The tax Acts

Chapter 2 – Powers of SARS and its officials
The principle of legality
SARS officials
Internal administrative review
Legal proceedings

Chapter 3 – Returns and records
Pre-assessment request
Third-party and other returns
Reportable arrangements

Chapter 4 – Information gathering
Unauthorized request for information
Field, desk and stealth audits
Relevant material

Chapter 5 – Tax compliance status
The new Licence Raj

Chapter 6 – Registration
Under the Tax Administration Act
Under other tax Acts

Chapter 7 – Confidentiality
Breach of confidentiality by SARS
Access to own record by taxpayer

Chapter 8 – Extensions
The general extension rule
Specific extension rules
The state’s year-end

Chapter 9 – Payment and refunds
Representative taxpayers
Withholding agents
Instalment payment agreements
Statute of limitations
Certified-statement procedure
Third-party appointment
Final demands
Assessment altered in taxpayer’s favour
Rei vindicatio

Chapter 10 – Suspension of payment
Application for suspension
Invalid denial of suspension
Request for review of decision

Chapter 11 – Delivery
Electronic communications
Delivery by SARS
Delivery by the taxpayer
Delivery under the ‘rules’ (GN 550)
Delivery under the ‘address’ rules (GN 295)

Chapter 12 – Assessments
Additional assessments
Reduced assessments
Estimated assessments
Jeopardy assessments
Agreed assessments
Notice of assessment
Withdrawal of assessment
SARS extension application

Chapter 13 – Objection and appeal
Representation letter
Reasons for assessment
Objection against assessment
Application for extension
Objection against refusal of extension
Notice of invalidity
Request for documents
SARS unresponsive
Particular objections: mass disallowance
Particular objections: sundry
Particular objections: provisional tax
Alternative dispute-resolution procedure
Notice of appeal against assessment
Application for extension (appeal)
Objection against refusal of extension
Notice of invalidity (appeal)
Appeal conceded
Tax board procedures

Chapter 14 – Litigation
Appeals to the tax board
Appeals to the tax court
Appeals from the tax court

Chapter 15 – Penalties
Fixed-amount penalty
Reportable-arrangement penalty
The understatement penalty
Provisional tax

Chapter 16 – Interest
Interest payable by SARS

Chapter 17 – Applications on notice
Applications to the tax court
Some pro forma communications

Chapter 18 – Miscellaneous
Principles of law
Value-Added Tax Act

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Buy the handout, attend the eSeminar for free:
R1,750, inclusive of Vat at 15%.
Multiple attendees:
For firms and universities: R4,375,
inclusive of Vat at 15%.

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