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A division of The Electronic Publishing Corp CC (C Divaris) CK 1987/0007/13/23. Established 1973 (under a different name).
On editorial and technical issues, email Costa Divaris at: cdivaris@icon.co.za.
Postal address: Postnet Suite 72, Private Bag X87, Bryanston 2021.
Telephone 011 234 2434/082 854 2238. 011 234 3373.
Fax to e-mail: 086 515 0953. After-hours messages: 082 854 2238.
On orders, enquiries and subscription issues, email Lesley Byrne at lesley@bspseminars.co.za. Or call her on 082 854 2238.
For accounts enquiries, email Lily Arkin at lily@bspseminars.co.za. Or call her on 011 234 3373.

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All publications are made available subject to our copyright and nonexclusive user rights granted to you to use them solely for your personal purposes and not to distribute them in any form. Specific publications might include copyright media releases. No copyright subsists in the actual text of legislation, case reports and similar material. But note that, in the publications listed here, extracts from legislation and case reports have been edited to conform with the Bsp Seminars® ‘value-added’ style, and all annotations and legislative histories are copyright.

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Sole member of The Electronic Publishing Corp CC (established as Sir Avid Investments (Pty) Ltd in 1973).
Consulting as a tax specialist under the style of Silke Divaris Stein, a division of The Electronic Publishing Corp CC.
Presenting public seminars and publishing reference-manuals of various types as Bsp Seminars®, a division of The Electronic Publishing Corp CC.
Current formal publications
Founder and editor of Tax Shock, Horror Newsletter (2003 to date).
Founder and compiler of Tax Shock, Horror Database (2004 to date).
South African Income Tax Guide, co-author (2001 to date).
See also the rest of this website.
Previous formal publications
Businessman’s Law,
assistant editor (1974–1986), co-editor (1989–1992).
In Touch with the Sixth Schedule, co-author (1985).
Juta’s GST, co-founder and co-editor (1978–1991).
Juta’s Legiserve, co-founder and co-editor (1989-1994).
Juta’s RSC, co-founder and co-editor (1987–1989).
Juta’s Tax Service, co-editor (1977–1986).
Juta’s VAT, co-founder and co-editor (1991–1994).
Old Mutual Income Tax Guide, co-author (1971–2001).
Silke on South African Income Tax, co-author (1978–1994).
Silke on South African Income Tax Year Book, co-author (1988–1991).
Supplements to Silke on South African Income Tax, co-author (1975–1987).
Taxgram, co-founder and co-editor (1985–1989), editor (1989–1994).
Tax Yearbook, co-author (1992–1994).
The Ned-Equity Guide to Company-owned Policies, author (1983).
Tax Planning, co-founder and co-editor (1985–1989).
Independent tax specialist (to date).
Director Melrose Art (Pty) Ltd 2015 to date
Director Tax Five (Pty) Ltd (2009 to 2012).
Presenter for Bsp Seminars® (1972 to date).
Partner Silke Divaris Stein (1983–1994).
Partner-representative Divaris Stein Publishing (1983–1989).
Partner Dr A S Silke & Associates (1973–1983).
Assistant to Dr Aubrey Silke (1972–1973).
Member of SAICA and thus a Chartered Accountant (SA) from 1970 to about 1995.
Lecturer University of Cape Town (1971).
Junior lecturer University of Cape Town (1970).