Who advises the advisers?

BspLogoIconVSmallBsp Seminars® is the vehicle through which Costa Divaris offers a range of publications and presentations of the highest possible quality on the South African tax law.


The Tax Shock, Horror newsletter, available free, monthly by email, has been published without interruption since September 2003. Launched in January 2014, Tax Administration Weekly is a weekly newsletter, available by subscription only, also by email.
All the statutes of interest to tax professionals (barring the Income Tax Act) are available, in the unique DeerSmallBsp Seminars ‘value-added’ style, both for current and past tax years, so as to cater for disputes concerning earlier tax periods.
A series of publications, many presented in the Bsp Seminars® ‘book’ style, cover a wide range of tax topics, and are supplemented by annual research-staples, unavailable from any other source.
Various aspects of the case law are presented as searchable databases, while the Tax Shock, Horror Database represents SA’s largest repository of public-access documents relevant to the tax field.
And The Bsp Stylebook (with Duncan McAlister) has been used for decades by individuals and firms to standardize—and improve—their technical, business and corporate writings.

Bsp Seminars® is a division of The Electronic Publishing Corp CC.